Thursday, 3 May 2012

Costume Party

Recently we've just celebrated my eldest sister's birthday. No one could ever guess her age correctly coz she so doesn't look it! Quite a few of my relatives look younger than their true age, including my dad. Now people are starting to say that about my sisters and I. So I guess it's all in the genes ;) 

This was a costume party and it was such a fun night! Didn't have that many photos on my phone as I was busy serving, stuffing my face with food, or being entertained by the other guests' costumes and poses they did for the camera. There were people dressed as an egg, bacon, Green Lantern, prisoner, witch, some Star Wars character, Wonder Woman, dinosaur, ice cream, lobster from a pot, Marios and others. Was such a good night.

Invites that I did 

Getting to work!

Hard at work with my favourite animation on

Birthday girl!

With Wilma Flinstone

Some sleepy balloons at the end of the night

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Galaxy Tights

image from here

How amazing is this pair of tights?! Kudos to Black Milk for creating such a great piece. I'm already thinking black t-shirt, blazer and a black patent, pointed stilettos. 

Mad love!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hot potatoes hot potatoes

This was dinner a few nights ago with my sister at a new Spudbar at Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. Loved how they have sweet potatoes as a modern version for spuds.

So many different options to choose from and from the looks of them I could already tell they're all pretty amazing. 

Verdict? It was love at first bite. Yum!

my tuna melt with cheese & tzatziki sauce

emalyne's bolognaise with bacon

Monday, 26 March 2012

A Due Colori

Beautiful photography by Alberto Seveso. I've always been fascinated by the way ink swims and dances in the water when I painted. But it's even more amazing when Seveso captured them in images. I just love looking at the details of each images, they look almost like a beautiful, multicoloured silk dress worn by mermaids underwater. So much so that I could almost just draw a face of a girl with her long silky hair twisting and floating around her and her arms wrapped around the lovely and elegant inky dress. Amazing!

All images taken from here.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Morning

Wearing my white shirt since high school, Sportsgirl necklace and maroon Monki sweater

Lots have happened in the past month. Moving to a new place, went into depression as I without internet for a good few weeks, maxed out my data on my phone and had to pay about $250 extra (only just 2GB :( !), haggled with Vodafone, got stuck at home waiting for removalists and others to come move or fix things, went through a big emotional phase coz I wanted a puppy but I can't :( ...things like that.

Anyway, net's up and running now and I have finally got my life back hah. It's funny how dependent we are on the internet nowadays. My employment depends on it that's why I felt really frustrated for those few weeks without the net at home...So glad it's back on now.

The past month has gone by quite slowly and quietly. If I wasn't at home reading, I'd be out doing errands, looking for furnitures, calling up services companies and applying for jobs. A few have shown interest but nothing's happened yet. Not much designing happening as well between my holidays from China/ Malaysia and now. But I'd try to get some done soon so that's good news for this blog :P


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Shanghai Nights

I'm finally back in Melbourne from my 1.5 months worth of holidays! Spent most of my time in Malaysia and the rest in China. It was my first visit ever to China and it was split between Shanghai and a small town in Fujian, where my friend's home is based.

I knew that Facebook and Youtube are banned in China. But little did I know that most of the western/ english websites were banned there as well. Access to some (like job search engines, I know coz I was trying to apply for some) are still available however it was extremely limited. I couldn't even gain access to my own blog! Which explains my most recent hiatus from the blog...As to why the lack of posts whilst in Malaysia, let's just say that I was too busy going out, shopping and pigging out when I was back there ;)

This post is dedicated to photos taken during the evenings. The lights were absolutely beautiful that I just had to share it over here.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Story Me

My bestie from highschool is an amazing illustrator who is working in an animation company called Story Me near Bangsar. Just a week after I arrived in Malaysia for holidays she invited me over to her office. It is the best and most amazing studio and working environment I've ever seen. Her colleagues are friendly and down to earth. Always smiling and funny. I'm glad that her office offers such nurturing environment to work in. Their office is warm, comfortable and the deco has such creative and personal touch to it. Everyone works on Mac desktops and their library is consisted of books of illustrations and animations from Pixar, Disney and others. Also, who gets to have the TV on the entire time when they work? Well, them. They were playing Spiderman on their flat screen TV and I was seated on the couch in front of the TV, with full, floor-to-ceiling view of the surrounding towns and courtyard some ten floors below or something. The surrounding glass windows really opens up the office space, beautiful! I wouldn't even mind staying there! 

Sitting in front of the TV with a great book to read through :)
I love my sandals!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Happy Ever After

Eileen and Joshua got married just a few weeks ago, coincidentally on my birthday. It was the most beautifully decorated and themed wedding I have ever seen. The newly weds held back little to make their special day memorable- they even had a huge, inflatable outdoor cinema, with special bean bag seats for the couple and a candy/ snack bar for the guests as we watched a short movie of the entire day's happenings. Then Joshua played the guitar and had Daniel sing for his new wife after the clip. The couple's first dance together as husband and wife followed after. Very romantic and heartwarming.

Congrats Eileen and Joshua! Wishing you both all the happiness in the world :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Exhibition

After months of planning and preparation, it was finally happening!

What an event it was at the opening night. Turn out was amazing. Despite the gloomy and rainy weather during the day, the rain cleared by evening. The exhibition looked great and we had lots of compliments and congratulatory emails forwarded to our lecturers. A (very happy and proud) graduate, finally!

The photos below were mostly taken on the day I was rostered to curate the exhibition so it was less crowded. I'd say nearly if not all of us showcased our final project for the year. We could do whatever we wanted so the outcome looks really diverse. I only managed to snap a few people's works. I shall let the photos do the talking :)

Triangles on the wall are the artwork from all of us. 
On the table are our really awesome catalogue booklets

Mara's handprinted lengths, Rachel's plant with a knitted cover and Sarah's plant on the right

 Cassie's handwoven bags

 Teresa A's digitally printed fabrics

 Celina's digitally and hand printed work

 Handmade shoes with woven fabric and pom poms! By Nerida

 Georgie's minimalistic and really versatile designs

 Hannah's beautifully illustrated and hand printed swatches

Hannah's family came over for a visit when we were curating. Her little 4 year old niece, Serena, was soooo adorable and very cheeky! Wouldn't allow me to take a photo of her properly

 Erin's multicoloured fabrics intended for fashion

 One of my favourite work from the exhibition by Marie

Rachel's illustrated postcards, gifts and souvenir ideas

 This has got to be my favourite by far, illustrated and painstakingly collaged by non other but Sarah!
Her work is absolutely amazing

Here's the designer herself. Just so happened we were curating at the same time.
Check out her blog here

 Here's my little corner on the opening night itself. 
My plate and cushion got cropped off the photo but you get the idea. 
They are a range of products that were all printed and made by hand, apart from the framed artwork. 
I love my tea towels :]

There you go. A short tour around our wonderful little exhibition. There's a group photo of us 27 girls as well but I'd post it up once Georgie's given me the go-ahead :)