Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Carven SS 2011

Absolutely knackered down by assignments and I've procrastinated on blogging more than I should've. What's new, ugh!

Whilst researching for my assignment, I stumbled across Carven! Talk about finding new love! Their pieces are so absolutely pretty and timeless. Not to mention that they're all in my favourite colours- nude, black and white. Oh so wearable. 

 Images from Carven

I'd definitely love wearing the black dress at the top right corner for a nice, Friday dinner date. The dark beige, cropped jacket and dress (3rd from top left) and the short, graphic day dress (3rd from bottom left) would be ideal running around doing errands in them, maybe with comfier shoes and switching to heels for a night out.

I looked them up if they had any of them selling in Melbourne and guess what, Belinda (in GPO) sells their pieces! I'm still a student now and yet employed, maybe could save up for a small splurge next time...that is if I can get around blowing maybe a couple of hundreds on a top or dress. But hey, they're still definitely worth checking out ;)

I've finally uploaded my photos of my work in Sweden into the computer. Now this post was meant to be about that. But editing is a real pain and can take hours for someone as particular as me. Everything needs to be in order and perfect...well, almost.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pretty Leopard

Here's what I found on my floor few days ago- my first pair of leopard printed shoes from Bardot, unworn until nearly a month after its purchase.

Bought these as mum chucked out two pairs of my flats as they were really dirty and disgusting :( 

They look so pretty :)

I must say that I wasn't really that open to wearing pieces of prints as such, as I thought it'll come across looking too matured or worse, trashy. 

This changed when I got to Sweden. Animal prints, especially leopard prints, plus other crazy prints are commonly found in H&M and other fashion retailers around there.

Now I own two scarves, one from Weekday and the other from Dotti, a maxi, rayon skirt from H&M and this shoes in this print :) It's nice to add a little texture to the outfit that otherwise would look quite flat.

The woolen scarf from Weekday or MTWTFSS is really cool! When you lay it flat it looks like a jumper but with a huge hole cutting from one arm, through the neckline, to the other arm, but it's actually a scarf. It's still somewhere floating around the sea at the moment. I shipped it over along with other excess bagage you see. 

Maybe a photo of it next time :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dinner Date in Carlton

Can't believe a year has passed since the last Valentine's, since those lovely cookies that Jon's mother baked for me for Valentine's. If you read my valentine's post last year, I would proudly say that we didn't resolve to just giving hi-5's only, we actually went out for a nice dinner at some restaurant in Carlton! I'd say that's 100% my dearest's efforts. He made the reservation, drove us there and paid for the meal. Thanks sooo much hun! You rock!  

No presents, coz we decided to save. No cards, coz he left it at home and I was worse, I didn't even get one coz the shop I wanted to go into was closed for refurbishment and I didn't wanna spend 5bux on a card in Coles. So I bought some raspberry friands so we could celebrate three years being together.  That plan, however, fell through as my two horrible sisters, tired from a full day at work, ate both up!  

The interesting thing was the thought of one of them eating it, I won't name which one,  did come to my mind as I intentionally placed it at the corner of my bench top. Maybe it was God warning me bout it. But I took a chance coz I vividly remembered I said to myself, what are the chances of them spotting this brown bag here, piled on top of a bunch of stuff already? They'd be so hungry they'll just have dinner straightaway. So I placed them right there and without another thought, got upstairs to get ready. 

Guess I should have at least told my mum to keep an eye out for it. When I heard one of them running up and shouting "OMG are those friands yours????". I already knew what happened. My sister kept apologising after knowing that the friands were for that night itself. She felt so bad about it that I didn't have the heart to be annoyed any longer so I just told her to finish it. The other sister just capitalised on this opportunity and ate the other remaining friand.

So that was the short and tragic tale of my friands, which I never ever got to taste.

Anyway, I haven't done an outfit post for a long time so here's what I wore for dinner :)

Black mini dress worn as a top and belt from Supre, H&M maxi skirt, Bardot tribal necklace, clutch from Gina Tricot, black platform heels from Urban Originals