Thursday, 28 April 2011

Softies for The Johnston Collection

Here's a product board that I did for one of my subjects. This time around, I've decided to not include any existing images from websites but rather illustrate everything myself, which was hard work, but it's one of the boards that I must say I quite enjoyed making.

What made me really excited about this idea is that the softies could be personalised by the kids as they PAINT on the softie! This idea was inspired by the softies that Mirka Mora did back in the 1950s onwards. I thought this idea would be amazing for kids since they'd like painting and this is like an artwork that they could colour in and carry around.

Presentation date has been postponed to next week. Hopefully everything turns out good.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Boys Bedlinen for Dryen

I've been quite busy working on all my final year's assignment. It's been quite interesting so far that our assignments now clients that are actually not made up but do actually exist. Last year when I was away in Sweden, we've had projects with Linen House and Zimmermann. This semester, we have a design project with another major bed linen company again!

We have a choice of choosing between adults and kids range. Realising this year that my strength lies in illustration and recently have developed an interest in character design, I was straightaway attracted to doing kids' range. Since I've done design work for little girls, thought I'd try out for little boys. 

The theme?? Monsssstttterrrssssss rrawwwwwr!!!!

Here's a small screenshot of my work so far. My new Mac Pro is already lagging due to the size of the file. It would have crashed I guess if I did it in Photoshop...

So far, quite pleased with the result though this could be only the basic version of my pattern. Gonna try different backgrounds and fillers so that'll take some time again to do.

Hope you like it! :D

Till I return, I shall be MIA for a while...