Friday, 1 October 2010


A little more than two weeks ago I visited Copenhagen with my floormate over the weekend. Most of the photos of the trip are up in my Facebook already but I thought I wanted to only show some of the more interesting ones here. Well, they were photos I took over at Amalienborg Palace, where the Danish royal family are residing I think. 

Frankly speaking, we weren't suppose to take photos inside, unless given special consent. I only knew this when I was happily snapping away and the second guard I talked to told me no photos were allowed. The first guard I talked to saw that I was taking photos and didn't tell me anything about the no photograph policy. In fact, he even helped me in getting my photos right (due to the constant change of natural lighting) and shared that he takes photos as well and would always want his shots right too. 

Many photos were taken but I'll select my favourite ones of my visit to Amalienborg Slot (Palace). They were taken in one of the buildings at the palatial compound, which was open as a museum for exhibition to the public.

Images below are personal items that belonged to the current Danish Queen, Queen Margarethe II, and rooms that she used to live in as a child/ young lady. This exhibition was specially held as a celebration of the queen's 70th this year. This palace was where she was born and it was an amazing feeling to be standing in rooms that real kings and queens, whom you'd only read on books or Wikipedia, used to live in.

I think this was a room that Queen Margarethe used to spend time in. The toddler dress on the right could have been belonged to her

Crafts of the young queen then. She is considered a creative queen as she loves handicrafts, apparently

How many pipes does one need or can one actually smoke in a day?

 Photos of the royal family

 They'd do well if this was a test. I wouldn't be able to go pass 3 generations before me

 Interesting tradition. I guess you could guess Crown Prince Frederik 9 and our lovely Aussie Princess Mary's son's name, if you haven't heard of him already

 Uniform belonged to the Queen in younger days

Imagine if your dad told you these are photos of your great-great grandma/ grand aunts and cousins. Woah.

Sorry if the photos are a little dark, as I was in a hurry on the day of the trip and these are unedited. And I can't be bothered to edit as the main reason for this post is only to share the experience.

Hope you all enjoyed it and have a sense of awe as I did over the amazingly maintained items and above all, the carefully recorded history of the lives of this family and their forefathers.

The history was simply amazing. Another castle that's definitely worth visiting is Frederiksborg Slot. THAT one was the highlight of my trip to Denmark. That would be my favourite castle to date (only to visit, not live in it). Pictures are on my Facebook page.

You should visit Denmark if you've the chance!!