Monday, 25 April 2011

Boys Bedlinen for Dryen

I've been quite busy working on all my final year's assignment. It's been quite interesting so far that our assignments now clients that are actually not made up but do actually exist. Last year when I was away in Sweden, we've had projects with Linen House and Zimmermann. This semester, we have a design project with another major bed linen company again!

We have a choice of choosing between adults and kids range. Realising this year that my strength lies in illustration and recently have developed an interest in character design, I was straightaway attracted to doing kids' range. Since I've done design work for little girls, thought I'd try out for little boys. 

The theme?? Monsssstttterrrssssss rrawwwwwr!!!!

Here's a small screenshot of my work so far. My new Mac Pro is already lagging due to the size of the file. It would have crashed I guess if I did it in Photoshop...

So far, quite pleased with the result though this could be only the basic version of my pattern. Gonna try different backgrounds and fillers so that'll take some time again to do.

Hope you like it! :D

Till I return, I shall be MIA for a while...


Tanya said...

Mei you are a super star!!! I love your unique ideas and your ideas are none like anything I've seen before...You really let your imagination run wild and the result is always perfect. You'll go a long way girlie :):):) xx

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