Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pretty Leopard

Here's what I found on my floor few days ago- my first pair of leopard printed shoes from Bardot, unworn until nearly a month after its purchase.

Bought these as mum chucked out two pairs of my flats as they were really dirty and disgusting :( 

They look so pretty :)

I must say that I wasn't really that open to wearing pieces of prints as such, as I thought it'll come across looking too matured or worse, trashy. 

This changed when I got to Sweden. Animal prints, especially leopard prints, plus other crazy prints are commonly found in H&M and other fashion retailers around there.

Now I own two scarves, one from Weekday and the other from Dotti, a maxi, rayon skirt from H&M and this shoes in this print :) It's nice to add a little texture to the outfit that otherwise would look quite flat.

The woolen scarf from Weekday or MTWTFSS is really cool! When you lay it flat it looks like a jumper but with a huge hole cutting from one arm, through the neckline, to the other arm, but it's actually a scarf. It's still somewhere floating around the sea at the moment. I shipped it over along with other excess bagage you see. 

Maybe a photo of it next time :)

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