Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Shanghai Nights

I'm finally back in Melbourne from my 1.5 months worth of holidays! Spent most of my time in Malaysia and the rest in China. It was my first visit ever to China and it was split between Shanghai and a small town in Fujian, where my friend's home is based.

I knew that Facebook and Youtube are banned in China. But little did I know that most of the western/ english websites were banned there as well. Access to some (like job search engines, I know coz I was trying to apply for some) are still available however it was extremely limited. I couldn't even gain access to my own blog! Which explains my most recent hiatus from the blog...As to why the lack of posts whilst in Malaysia, let's just say that I was too busy going out, shopping and pigging out when I was back there ;)

This post is dedicated to photos taken during the evenings. The lights were absolutely beautiful that I just had to share it over here.

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