Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Morning

Wearing my white shirt since high school, Sportsgirl necklace and maroon Monki sweater

Lots have happened in the past month. Moving to a new place, went into depression as I without internet for a good few weeks, maxed out my data on my phone and had to pay about $250 extra (only just 2GB :( !), haggled with Vodafone, got stuck at home waiting for removalists and others to come move or fix things, went through a big emotional phase coz I wanted a puppy but I can't :( ...things like that.

Anyway, net's up and running now and I have finally got my life back hah. It's funny how dependent we are on the internet nowadays. My employment depends on it that's why I felt really frustrated for those few weeks without the net at home...So glad it's back on now.

The past month has gone by quite slowly and quietly. If I wasn't at home reading, I'd be out doing errands, looking for furnitures, calling up services companies and applying for jobs. A few have shown interest but nothing's happened yet. Not much designing happening as well between my holidays from China/ Malaysia and now. But I'd try to get some done soon so that's good news for this blog :P


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