Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Exhibition

After months of planning and preparation, it was finally happening!

What an event it was at the opening night. Turn out was amazing. Despite the gloomy and rainy weather during the day, the rain cleared by evening. The exhibition looked great and we had lots of compliments and congratulatory emails forwarded to our lecturers. A (very happy and proud) graduate, finally!

The photos below were mostly taken on the day I was rostered to curate the exhibition so it was less crowded. I'd say nearly if not all of us showcased our final project for the year. We could do whatever we wanted so the outcome looks really diverse. I only managed to snap a few people's works. I shall let the photos do the talking :)

Triangles on the wall are the artwork from all of us. 
On the table are our really awesome catalogue booklets

Mara's handprinted lengths, Rachel's plant with a knitted cover and Sarah's plant on the right

 Cassie's handwoven bags

 Teresa A's digitally printed fabrics

 Celina's digitally and hand printed work

 Handmade shoes with woven fabric and pom poms! By Nerida

 Georgie's minimalistic and really versatile designs

 Hannah's beautifully illustrated and hand printed swatches

Hannah's family came over for a visit when we were curating. Her little 4 year old niece, Serena, was soooo adorable and very cheeky! Wouldn't allow me to take a photo of her properly

 Erin's multicoloured fabrics intended for fashion

 One of my favourite work from the exhibition by Marie

Rachel's illustrated postcards, gifts and souvenir ideas

 This has got to be my favourite by far, illustrated and painstakingly collaged by non other but Sarah!
Her work is absolutely amazing

Here's the designer herself. Just so happened we were curating at the same time.
Check out her blog here

 Here's my little corner on the opening night itself. 
My plate and cushion got cropped off the photo but you get the idea. 
They are a range of products that were all printed and made by hand, apart from the framed artwork. 
I love my tea towels :]

There you go. A short tour around our wonderful little exhibition. There's a group photo of us 27 girls as well but I'd post it up once Georgie's given me the go-ahead :)

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