Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One more day to go!

We started bumping in yesterday and will continue bumping in today as it's the opening night tomorrow already.  About this time three years ago I would have just finished my interview for this course. Now I'm at the other end of it. How time flies. Grateful that though these three years had been hard but definitely so fulfilling and worthwhile :)

We've put a lot of effort in organizing for our end of year show. We baked to fund raise this entire year and trust me, baking is the last thing many of us think during the uni weeks, there was already too much to do. Yet many of the girls put aside their own time just because this means a lot to us. This is only a very small part to the planning of this show. There were lots more that we did along the year till this point. Finding a gallery, looking for sponsors, designing and printing invites and catalogues, laser cutting, business cards, cleaning, mopping wiping, painting etc. Not to mention we also just had the Moonee Valley exhibition just last week. 

Well, it's finally all coming together now and it'll be a great celebration for all of us of what we've achieved so far. Great work ladies!

Here are some photos I took of the bump in yesterday. Probably got a bit carried away with the camera apps on my iphone. 

Our graduate exhibition runs from 1-7 Dec, Tues- Fri 11am-5pm. Opens on Saturday from 12pm-4pm. Hope to see you there :). Oh it's free too. The more reason to come!

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Crys said...

omg nice pictures! what app did you use on iphone?