Thursday, 3 May 2012

Costume Party

Recently we've just celebrated my eldest sister's birthday. No one could ever guess her age correctly coz she so doesn't look it! Quite a few of my relatives look younger than their true age, including my dad. Now people are starting to say that about my sisters and I. So I guess it's all in the genes ;) 

This was a costume party and it was such a fun night! Didn't have that many photos on my phone as I was busy serving, stuffing my face with food, or being entertained by the other guests' costumes and poses they did for the camera. There were people dressed as an egg, bacon, Green Lantern, prisoner, witch, some Star Wars character, Wonder Woman, dinosaur, ice cream, lobster from a pot, Marios and others. Was such a good night.

Invites that I did 

Getting to work!

Hard at work with my favourite animation on

Birthday girl!

With Wilma Flinstone

Some sleepy balloons at the end of the night

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