Saturday, 28 August 2010


Was exploring the places around my student accomodation/ uni just beginning of this week. I walked past the huge ICA (huge grocery store like Safeway and Coles) that my student host brought me to and behold, I found Knalleland! One of the stores that they have there is Lagerhouse. Once inside the shop I didn't really get out of it till at least 45 mins after. So much to see! Totally LOOOVED the prints, designs and the prices were reasonable. The Swedes seem to put much thought in their designs and they're so adorable!

I couldn't help myself but to take a few snaps from the shop whilst people weren't noticing. Really wanted to share it over here with you guys! :)

Rubber duckies for 99kr, around AUD$15. Okay these ones are steep.

Cute Aprons! Good present for mum :) If you look carefully, notice this apron is a slip-on!

Tin cans

Crochet and woven blankets

This would by far be the cutest marshmallows EVER! Look, even the marshmallows are cloud shaped!

Teeth in your drink. Yum.

Candies and chocolates! The green jelly beans on the right said "Eat your greens or else you won't have your candy"

More candies...

A Hello Kitty lolly that also spells fat. Cute to see but I wouldn't eat it.

Couldn't resist myself. I felt like I had to get this place when I saw it there. Approx AUD$6 for the plate. The red plastic one was from here too.

The pillow case that reminded me much of Sam's band, Bus Company. These are VWs and caravans, close enough to a bus haha

My AUD$3 pillow case!! That's around 20kr or SEK

Another 2 items I bought were the green/ dark blue printed cushion (shown in previous post) and an umbrella with the same prints as the VWs and caravans. 

These little prints, colours and designs make me real happy :)


tanya said...

Hey Mei!
Looks like you're already hving a GREAT experience ;)lol!
Uni over here seems to drag on for all eternity.Waiting for the big summer break!Sigh!

Hope all goes well in boras:)
I do miss you especially at print class;)


mei ying tan said...

hello tanya!! i just started class only today but basically i'm doing a lot of what we've done before in emma's studio class and jenny's class in 1st year about fibres and all. I got a feeling i'm not gonna be doing much of print at all :(

Thanks girl! AWh how sweet of you!! I'll come back real soon!! I really miss working with you guys in the lab as well!! you take care for now k :)