Friday, 3 September 2010

Emalyne's Takoyaki

This very much delayed post is specially dedicated to my eldest sister, Emalyne! 

Not only did she spend copious amount of time, effort and money, this darn food cost her much anguish, days of disappointments, heartache, sweat and perhaps tears. If it were me, I might have probably given up long before she did, including those that perhaps had laughed at her mishaps, which was such a terrible thing to do! People can laugh all they want but she can improve :)...I mean, WE, can improve, hey? :) My cooking's no better hah!

But you know what? These wonderful suckers morsels, which she ended up having a love-hate relationship with, turned out B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L.Y! Many of the ingredients, including the takoyaki pan, were shipped all the way from Japan. So that's 100% authenticity guaranteed! 

So this one's for you, Da Jie! And thanks for making this exquisite delicacy for the family! Great idea as an entrée in a Japanese-themed or finger food party.

Take care and much love from Scandinavia,

Pieces of octopus placed in positions after being cooked in slightly salted boiling water

Pour in the magic flour mix

...okay you gotta ask her on this one

Dunk in the chives!

...and the preserved radish!

flip it ya'll

A pinch of that Japanese greenish seasoning

A zig-zaggaty squirt of the dark and sweet okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonaise

Perhaps a more generous dose of kastuobushi shavings on the hot morsels. See how these shavings gracefully 'dance' in the heat!

Itada Kimasu!!!!!

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Getafix said...

Wow! That actually look yummy! I want some!