Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Room In Borås

Hej San! As some of you might have known, I'm am currently in Sweden on an exchange program for about 5 months. I've just arrived 3 days ago in Borås, a small but comfortably sized town that has a history on textile design and production, after spending about 2 first nights in Stockholm. I have already got some photos posted on Facebook of Stockholm but I thought I'd make my debut entry of Sweden of my room here! 

My arms and legs must be quite toned now for literally being trained from 3 full days pulling, tugging and carrying heavy loads and walking about the town, frantically looking for shops that would have what I needed.

This is how it looks like after 2.5-3 days of full-on cleaning, washing, scrubbing and shopping for household items including bedsheets and linen.

My room door with door to the bathroom on left. Yes, I only brought 2 pairs of shoes from home

What you'd see when you open the room door. I love my red floor mat. Makes my new abode a little homier

If you wanna go on a diet by having poor appetite, that sucker of a drainer on the bottom right corner of this photo can certainly help when you turn it upside down

I always imagined mops as the big and wild hair of rockstars when I was little. I always liked taking mum's mops and swinging their 'hair' about. Swoosh!

My beautiful and bright bed!! You got no idea how these colours cheered me up whilst not having my loved ones around

"Looking out my window, I see the trees, blowing in the breeze"- Praise Him, by Ps Sam Evans
I've got a street view from my window. I rather be living in the apartment opposite haha
I found this cushion selling for 39kr or AUD$6 from Lagerhaus. I love the print, colour and how it makes me feel- happy :)

For those that are curious, here's an unintended long entry of my account of my first day in Borås.

It was the worst compared to the other subsequent 2 days. I woke up before 6am, took a train from Stockholm to Borås, changed 3 trains whilst having to carry a handbag, a 10kg camera & laptop bag and pulling 22 kg of luggage. If pulling the bag and walking about searching for my way didn't leave me panting already, I had to fight with the other commuters for space to put my bags. With a small designated luggage area crammed with bags of all sizes already, I had to resort to putting my TWENTY-TWO KG bag at the overhead compartment. That was madness. Wouldn't have been possible without the help of another girl, who laughed when I said my bag's too fat when it becamed jammed halfway after we shakily brought the load up to the compartment. I was amazed that the women were more helpful than the men I've seen. No guys offered to help in that train. 

The thought of doing this for another x5 times, up-and-down thing, was like....OMG, in the span of 3.5 hours. To make things worse, the intervals between changes were short, which meant I had to rush. I found out I had to rush even more when my first train arrived late at the station that I needed to board my 2nd train at. And guess what, I had to change platforms while carrying that stupid fat junk around, which involved taking the escalators WITHOUT even having any extra hands to grasp on the rail. Same rush happened when I arrived at my last change but now with a lift :), though a very slow one. 

Arrived in Borås FINALLY with shaky hands and wearied arms and legs from all those load carried. Walked a bit to locate my accommodation.

Got to my room. Very different from how the website showed. A little disappointed. But got over quickly and got my hands on cleaning my room. Several trips later of getting all my cleaning mates like the broom, mop, brush, detergents etc from Ica, I spent nearly the next 5 hours cleaning my 19sqm room. 

Though my bathroom constitutes to maybe 15-20% of total area, I spent the longest cleaning it. You name it, I scrubbed it. Heck, I even wiped some walls and mopped a part of the ceiling. What left me most traumatised was the shower drainer when I took it out and turn it upwards. THE GAPS OF THE DRAINER HAD ALL THESE SUPER GROSS PURPLE FILM ALL AROUND IT that I literally had to turn my head away while scrubbing it as I immersed it a shallow bucket filled with mostly detergent. Had dinner and a shower past 10pm. 

At least I knew the room is clean. I could then sleep in peace :) :) I must say I got this cleaning trait from mum. She's most pedantic bout details when cleaning. 

Enough of venting. It's time for some sleep...

A cute VW and caravan printed pillow case from the same shop I got the green printed cushion. I got an umbrella from there in the same print as well. Reminded of my friend's band, Bus Company.

...my bed is calling me!


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