Monday, 2 August 2010

Diana + Holga

Lomography. A word that I've come across quite a few times on Facebook. I knew it was something related to photography but I didn't really knew what it really was. Until I checked out an old friend's blog. It was Emily Ding's. Knew her since my PLC days and just found out that her cousin and I actually go to the same church.  What a small world. Anyway! She listed some of the cameras and lenses that she takes photos with. One of them was her Holga or Lomo. What the heck's a Holga or Lomo? But with both words combined it became....... Anyway, hopped onto and from then on, I knew it. You know those feeling of warmth that slowly bubbles up from the inside and a sense of euphoria soon overtakes. It was love at first sight! They're the coolest chunkiest and functional plastics I've ever, ever seen. 

Mine sure did! A range of Holgas

Here's my favourite. The cutest Holga. The colours are just so fun! 

Another one that I like. Diana. The predecessor of Holga. 

Miniature version of Diana

The photos that lomographic cameras capture are pretty rad. 

Here are some example from Google with their sources linked under them. These photos are taken from a pool of lomographic photos. Therefore they're are not confined to those that the Dianas and Holgas could produce and are certainly not mine!

Here's a mag website you could go to for more photos!

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