Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Camberwell Market

The first time when I went to Camberwell Market after staying here for nearly a decade was just last year. Funny how I didn't like it the first time when I got there coz I never really got any items for my wardrobe second handed. I must say that my style has evolved a little since beginning of 2009, and I'm starting to collect pre-loved, vintage items. 

Two visits this year to the market and I'm embracing it already. My third and latest visit was just 2 days ago on Sunday. Went there alone, wasn't really looking for anything in particular but ended up picking up 4 items and spent nearly $50. Some items were really a bargain! Like the Gucci leather shoes below. It is in my favourite colour, wasn't dirty or gross on the inside, all leather, the price was right AND it was in my size. Perfect. It was initially $30 and I got another $5 off! I didn't need it...but just couldn't help myself. The shoe was ticking quite a few good boxes of my list of things that would make my wardobe. Succumbing into such retail-temptation wasn't that unexpected on that day.

These Novo shoes still had price tag on it. $59.95, its original price tag stated. Seeing evidence that it was indeed a brand new pair, I asked the lady for the price. Ten dollars. 

"Can you make that $5?", I blurted, not knowing exactly what I was doing. Bargaining? Sounded strange coming from my mouth as I seldom had the opportunity to do so. 

"Nah this is a brand new pair and I got it for $60. Eight dollars".

Feeling a tad bad if I insisted on more discount, besides, it was a brand new pair. I happily obliged. And into the red plastic bag containing the Gucci shoes the new Novo went. I love the tiny tassel-ended bows on the shoes.

Now, this electric blue, maybe from the 80s-90s, really was a shocker when I washed it. Prior to washing, it had a really strong 'old' smell but little did I know how much dirt this little fella was carrying. The water that the jacket was soaked it turned GREENISH-BROWN. Immediately I grabbed mum's Dynamo and spilt some along the jacket, now sitting inside of the sink. Gave it a good scrub, rinse, scrub, rinse, and more scrubbing. Finally the water turned clear and now it's sweet smelling and happily toasting and basking in the winter sun :)

The store I got this jacket from had the best vintage clothes collection I'd seen that day at the market. The owner was really sweet as well and gave really generous discounts to the customers. It was $15 initially and I got it for $10. It'll go well I think with black, white or sand/ beige tops/ dress. Throw in some black tights and a nice pair of gladiator-inspired platforms. 


These cards were actually my first purchase. $5 for a deck of vintage Chinese poster girls' cards. It'll be quite hard to play with them since you'd have to squint a little to see the numbers so I'm just gonna keep them for inspiration next time for future work. The era of when these posters could have been made would be around the 1920s-30.




One advice though, do not linger too long flipping through books at some unfriendly-looking vendor's stall. Coz I saw a Victoria Beckham book (That extra half an inch or something like that) for $5 and got a little excited, picked it up, flipped thoroughly through it to see if I really needed the book. This process was probably just a mere 3 minutes. Decided that I've spent enough for the day, I put it down and left the stall. Instantly I was hearing verbal abuses hurled by the vendor and I realised that they were targeted at me. Bad way to treat customers. Who ever would wanna do business with you or even dare come near your stall next time? 

Generally the vendors there are nice and friendly and this market is a must-go! It's on every Sunday from 7am-12.30pm, google it for the address coz I wouldn't know :P

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