Saturday, 24 July 2010

Geometric Ornament- Part 2

Holiday times can be a great time in catching up in whatever that you've told yourself to do more when you've got the time. To me, one of them is blogging, as I think that it's important to keep the readers entertained and inspired by putting up new and inspirational posts. Keeping posts regular can be a real good reason in keeping them coming back for more. On the other hand, having too much time can be a curse as well coz you'd end up getting lazy. That's the case for me as for now. EEEEK!!! I hate being a slob and being unproductive. Don't get me wrong, I love holidays. But too much time and not doing anything? Bad, bad, bad. 

Here's something that's overdue, haha. My CATD project titled 'The Secret Garden'. Here's a few snippets of my design.

32x32cm Repeat Design
One placement design (Top Left) and 3 options for colourways

Small section on my initial 16x16cm repeat design. However, having to comply with the requirements in the assignment, I decided to go with the design below for my 16x16. Didn't like it as much but too little time on hand to experiment with other potential designs.

Heading of to Camberwell Market tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'd be able to grab some bargains!

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