Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Something That I Considered Doing...

...approximately two weeks ago was: sewing my very first skirt. A fifties inspired swing/ circle skirt. Which didn't quite happen as the fabrics that I scouted around Lincraft or Spotlight weren't as fancy as I thought they would be. This was for the event that planetUNI just had. I was playing as a Martin Luther King supporter and had to be dressed in fifties attire. Instead of just buying the circle skirt I thought of making one myself, which is way cheaper than having one made by a tailor, who quoted me $200 for ONE skirt. 

Though this didn't quite happen, here are a couple of treasures I found on etsy.com, which I find quite inspiring. I'm definitely gonna give a below-the-knee circle skirt a try in the future!

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