Saturday, 17 April 2010

Audrey Doll #1

Finally had the time for some CAD. Here's a day's worth of work. Pretty pleased with the outcome specially when I've got minimal skills in Ilustrator. Glad I overcame my awkwardness in using the pen tool!


Kristin said...

Really nice and similar!
Did you the whole illustration in the computer or was it a sketch first? How did you use the pen tool?

mei ying tan said...

thanks kristin! I basically traced over an enlarged image of her.Then used several other tracing paper, created a few versions of her looking more 'computerised'. So fine details like eyelashes had to be eliminated, but clumped like how they look like now. Hmm, basically just have to pay attention to the details of the face. Like adjusting the face shape, arranging how the eyes, nose and mouth sit together on the computer really helps to make a character like the main person.

As with teh pen tool. It really takes practice. I'm happy to show you one day if I can and if you haven't known how to do it when I see you. Hard to explain in words, if you want, u can youtube it!! =D