Monday, 26 April 2010

Charley Harper- Simple Shapes with Textures


Found out about him from another blog and couldn't wait to see his works from that book! So I tried finding him from my uni library and was ecstatic that we had his book!! The book was superbly ginormous, the biggest and heaviest I've seen and I used it when I was doing some lifting exercises at home. Could be around 2~3 kgs. 

Great works can be achieved with just simple shapes and textures, inspirational!


Kristin said...

I´d like to tell you that I got through to the interview at Borås!! 11th of May there will be a "Test day", meaning we will be giving a task during the day and also we will be interviewed. I don´t know how many there is fighting for the 12 spots, but Im really happy right now!!! :D

mei ying tan said...

hey kristin! well done!!!! That's in another more week? All the best, you can do it! Keep me posted still okay?