Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Day in the Print Lab

The print lab during lunch time. My working area is where my screens are at. Sarah at the background with her ipod on.

 My Pink and Duck Egg manutex mixes. 

Below are just some shots I took of my printed designs done today.



 I'm really glad how the colours work really well together. Only thing was that my Midnight (navy) was bleeding a little. Gotta redo this.

My favourite polychromatic print!! Let out a little yelp and did a jig when I took the screen off. Yes my tutor/ lecturer was standing next to me. 


 Realised that I was in the lab from 9am- 7.20pm. That's a record breaking 10.33hrs in the lab! Not to mention traffic in the morn took me 1hr 20 mins to get to uni and the 35 mins drive home at night. 

Long day. Totally exhausted. 

But the hard work sure is paying off :)!


Kristin said...

Nice! I really like the first one with all the animals and the lasts ones are cool how the colours smears.

mei ying tan said...

hello! oh yea i like that one too. Verity's told us to wash our printed samples, all of my colours washed out but the first one, disappointing that I've got more work to do now!!! I have to investigate what went wrong now :/

How's your thing with Boras? Did they get ur transcript?

Kristin said...

Oh to bad with extra work :/
Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Have you tried google translate? Not so good maybe but worth a try. I have sent in my application this week and in two weeks I now if I get through to the interview. I think its during week 22 we will get the final answer if we made it :)
About my transcript..still working on that, but I had a screenprint from my mail I sent in..hope that will work :)

mei ying tan said...

ohh i see. Yea I'm really hoping you'll get in so I'll be able to see you more often if I get to Sweden. :D I was talking to some exchange student and have talked to Sarah, rbr sarah from our course? she loves sweden! said she wouldn't mind living there, something like that.

Yea just do what you could i guess.Are you still working it Kaparh?