Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Princess Tina

Around 2 days ago I was in Chadstone with my family and Sportsgirl had a further markdown of 50% off their discounted items and the day before was only a 30% markdown. The day before I was at Chapel St with my boy and saw this really beautiful necklace that was $39.95, a reduction of $20 off it's original $59.95. They had a couple of it so I thought 'Just give it another few more days' and walked away. So that night when I went chaddy I knew that I had to go back to Chapel St the next day to make this necklace mine! So Chapel St we went. It was jammed as but boy was it worth it! I thought I would have had to pay $20 for this but they had again another 50% off the already 50% off the discounted items *jaw dropped*.

I walked away with this beautiful thing here in my hand and with just $9.95 poorer. Couldn't be any happier, it was basically a steal and I saved $50! Yeeaaaaow! Thanks babe for your patience :p (well we know what happened).

I could have posted this yesterday along with my previous post but thought this little blinkey here deserves her own little space. So here she is.

Ah, good buy, good buy. Patience is indeed a virtue *pats back*.

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