Friday, 25 December 2009

Mabrown makes good birds...

Last Saturday we celebrated mum's b'day at this Chinese restaurant that was opened by this lady from Sungai Petani (I think), Kedah, M'sia. I've heard so much about their quails...and here's an image of that glorious birds. Hold your breath and behold them now- Mabrown's best!

Words just couldn't describe what bliss we were in. It was totally, for me, love at first bite. My tongue would have done a summersault if it could. I just wanted the taste to linger on my tongue and to have its flavour grip onto my taste buds as long as it could. The taste was sweet, salty and spicy, with its sweetness tasted kinda honey-ish, which was sooooooo goooddd! They used both dried and fresh chillies. Their spiciness, however, I would say is quite mild. I love it so much that yesterday when thinking about it, I had some impromptu inspiration and wrote a song for these birds. Even now when I think about it my mouth waters. It goes like this:

(Sing it in 'Twinkle twinkle little star' tune)

" Mabrown Mabrown makes good birds,
How I wish to go back soon,
Up above the moonlit night,
I dreamt of cooked quails flying in the sky,
Mabrown Mabrown's quails' the best,
How I still can taste you now".

If one song wasn't enough, I thought of this song long time back that goes like:

" Ta ta da da da da da, ta ta ta da da da da da da x 2,
You're sweet like chocoloate boy, sweet like chocolate,
You gave me so much joooy, sweet like chooocolattee,

My version would be:
" You're sweet like Mabrown's quails, sweet like their quails,
You gave me so much joooy, sweet like their quails,

Shop 6 188-190 Belmore Road
Balwyn 3103
03 9816 3755

Go on! Every table was ordering it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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