Tuesday, 15 February 2011

An Enchantail

Top- Bottom: 
1) Story Board
2) Mood/ Colour Board
3) Print/ Graphics Board
4) Styling Board
These are the story and mood boards of one of my print projects, which I named 'An Enchantail'. This range was targeted for newborns to toddlers. Initially wanted to make this a range for little girls but the end result of the screenprinting process produced a rather unisex result, which turned out quite nicely. 

Helen Dardik is unlike any other illustrators that I've ever seen. Her works are so awesome that I found myself kept going back to her work for inspirations. Sanna Annukka from Marimekko had also made her mark in the inspiration of this range. 

Photos that are featured here were entirely acquired from external sources that are not referenced here. 

You can see some of the swatches from my range here :)!

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