Monday, 8 November 2010

Textilmuseet I Borås- Part I

Those that have been following my blog might have already known that right now, I'm on an exchange program in Sweden at a small, textile producing town called Borås. 

About a month or so we visited the Textile Museum of Borås. Just one trip there totally made my entire exchange experience absolutely worthwhile. The amount of collections and preservation of the archives are orderly, neat and every articles handled with much care. 

The photos will be devided into 2-3 posts as there are just too many that I've taken!

Here's a post of the underground archives. Felt a little like a dungeon, sort of. I was the only one taking photos in my class therefore fell behind and was locked inside here alone for under a minute. Kinda scary.

There are only 10-12 of us in my class. One of them looks like Diane Kruger and Agyness Deyn. See if you can spot them ;)

One of the museum curators/ staffs handling a kid's garment

 Traditional Swedish costumes

 Clothes are all alphabetically categorised

 An item from a wedding in the 18th C, with initials of guests all embroidered on it

 A wedding gift to a bride from her husband. As dated

 Collections of fabric swatches

That's Malin on the left. She could be the sweetest looking girl I've ever, ever seen. Maybe a pic of her next time

I like!

A designer from Marimekko. Just passed a couple of years back

That's my teacher, Tonje on the left :)

See you in the next post!

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