Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Winter Loves

I absolutely love just seeing what real people wear on a daily basis. It beats just always looking through fashion mags for inspiration. 

Did you know that streetstyle and chain stores emerged in around 50s- 60s, when youths became more financially independent from their parents?  Opportunities arose for full-time employment for this age group in the 60s. Having financial freedom, coupled with rebellion against the previous generation's mentality, way of life and cookie-cutter looking clothing, the youths in the 60s decided to live and dress drastically different from their parents. Hence most of their earnings were spent on music, movies and clothing. With an increasing demand on individualistic pieces, that's how streetstyle and chain stores emerged. The prominent influence of couture, ever popular before the 60s, as a result, dwindled in power and couture houses began to even adopt streetstyle fashion as part of their design. 

The Sixties was a decade when new syntheic materials emerged, streetstyle and chain stores appeared, people went to the movies, Rock & Roll real popular and the ensemble of a blue jean (inspired from labourers/ miners), white T-shirt (usually only worn as undergarment) and a black bomber jacket (from fighter pilots of the World Wars) symbolised the epitome of youth rebellion coz they'd look waaaaay too different from the squeaky-clean, buttoned up, prim and proper look of the society. 

It's interesting what my course has taught me so far, always learned most whilst writing essays. Maybe I'd put up a post one day about my essay and some of what I've found. 

Above are just some favourite photos from some blogs I visit regularly these few days. :)

Have a great holiday!

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