Wednesday, 30 June 2010

There's Always A First For Everything


Well, this is my first attempt in:

+ Making a cheesecake
+ Using a new Canon Macro 100mm lens Dad got not too long ago

Last week, Peggen brought a homemade oreo cheesecake that tasted heavenly and a couple of days after a girl in planetUNI brought blueberry cheesecake as well for a rehearsal we had for an upcoming event. So those cakes where my main catalyst in making my own too! For some reason, I never knew that these sort of cheesecakes didn't require any baking.

The recipe was found here, as I looked it up on google :). It's a great recipe. It said that it only requires 30 mins to make the cake but I ended up taking 1.5 hours, since there was quite a few washing to be done and I like to keep the sink empty/ kitchen tidy.

Make sure you follow the recipe though. It was stated that only half a lemon/ lime was required. On the fruit rack at home I could only find 2 really old lemons hah. Even though one entire (dried) lemon was used, the cream cheese mix was not sour enough. Hence the 2nd lemon was used. Decided to use the entire lemon as no one would use it if I left half of it in the fridge. Bad decision. The mix ended up a little too sour. What was worse was the frozen blueberries I got from Safeway was extremely sour too. So mum and I decided to just put some icing sugar over the cake, and it tasted better :).

Lesson learnt: Always follow the recipe!

As with the macro lens, I love honing in details so it was awesome!


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