Monday, 1 March 2010

The sweetest Valentine's Day gift

The best Valentine's Day gift I've received so far was the flat, red 'Love' book that Jon took lots of time writing and answering many of the hard questions that it posted. Questions like when we first met, what he liked about me and what he wishes to see in the future. Though it cost him $25, that was still the best thing I ever got from him, material-wise. But that was last year. 

If there was a prize for the best and sweetest Valentine's Day gift, this has got to be it.  This totally kicked my little red book's backside (though I still love it). Sometimes it's not the most expensive gifts we've received that we hold closest to our hearts, but those that have been personally crafted with much effort, care and time invested with solely you in mind. This year the best gift had been made by using just a little flour, sugar and water (I'd think, I'm actually not sure at all). With lots of pink icing and all those girly toppings. I absolutely LOVED IT! 

Jon keeps getting better at getting me gifts, not to mentioned that they get cheaper  as well by the year :P. In the first year, he hid behind a tree at my front porch and surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. He then took me out for a movie and lunch, I think. The flowers would have cost quite a bit. Second year, picnic in Sorrento with the lovely red book. Cheapo style coz we both wanted to save money. Third year, these home made cookies! Meaning they're sort-of FREE or cost the least. What cost him was two cards enveloped in this red cover (told you he's getting cheaper). Maybe next year I'd only get half a card, the next year a hug, and the year after that just a high-5! Haha. But I absolutely adoooore these cookies coz they're so beautifully handmade! 

And you know what's the best part? He didn't make them. It was, in fact, Mrs. Ngan. Yes, Jon's mother made these for me.  When he told me that I was like "What!! You asked your mum to make cookies for your gf for VD???", only to learn that his mum suggested to do it. *aww* So thanks so much for these cookies, Auntie, if you're reading this :). I don't mean to bag your son out on the WWW but in his own words, to bag and tease is to love, what I learned when I first met him. He's an absolutely legend and I love him for being who he is. 





Pretty, aren't they?! :D

On a separate note, I, on the other hand, didn't get him anything at all this year! Not even a lousy card. So I admit the cheapo here is ME! Haha!! Yes yes boos and rotten cabbages at me. But I'll make up for it by baking him a chocolate cake, as requested by his mum :). 

(P/s: - Sorry for the absence btw! Was away in M'sia longer than expected and just got back.
         - I've decided to keep this blog! Trial period's over!
         - Is it just me or does the last pic appear to be cropped off on the right? can't seem to fix it tho' it looks centralised in the draft Fixed!)


Anonymous said...

i also got you two cards this year!

tsk tsk tsk! :P

Anthony said...

Those are awesome. I want to know, is the lettering cut out icing stuck on or icing written onto the cookie?

mei ying tan said...

jon: i did write that you got me 2 cards! :D didnt i?

ant: um, I'm not sure. I'd imagine that the icing and cookie have the same cookier-cutter. After sticking the icing onto the cookie then an alphabet's just impressed onto the icing and decorated with those colourful sprinkles :)

p_ewe said...

OMG sooooo sweet!

Y.yip said...

Hahahaha, that's funny but didnt expect someone to post on the VD gifts and for real....

mei ying tan said...

hehe yeah it was so good of her to do that for jon. Quite funny at the same time tho. Too bad the cookies are soft now coz it was left uneaten for 2 weeks as I had to photograph them when i get back. Thank God it went through the customs. I'd cry if they confiscated it.