Sunday, 10 January 2010

Miss Ruby Eugenia

Ugh what's wrong with blogspot! I can't seem to enlarge the image without having it really pixelated though it's definitely saved at the best quality and size. Same goes with my other posts' photos. Can anyone please enlighten me if you know how to deal with this? (P/S: I just solved it hehe)

Anyway yes about this piece, basically just edited it on photoshop and added things here and there, for example her pearl ring, ribbon and her olive clutch, which in actual fact is a yo-yo I made last sem. Changed her lippie colour for a nice contrast with her green eyes, which I've also highlighted further. Her skirt design is composed of my previous pattern design coupled with a piece of black netting I scanned in last year, resulting in a meshed, laced effect on the corseted skirt's surface.

I guess you could say that somewhat the corset concept of the skirt was inspired from an image I had in my head since ages ago of Gisele Bündchen wearing this figure-hugging, light pink Dolce & Gabbana dress from like, Spring 2003 RTW collection. I managed to find an image of it on It looks like this.

I know it's ages ago but I wanted to fill the skirt with some details so that was what I could think of!

Colour choice came from my favourites: Nude, Black & Grey. Here's something that's a little more recent:

Alexander Wang's pre-Fall 2009 corset dress in nude & black! Soo nice and look, Paris Hilton's wearing the YSL pumps I made Ruby wear, just that hers was in grey.

YSL black tribute pumps

I used to think that these heels are just plain ridiculous, for practical reasons and also I thought they were kinda ugly...a little unrefined due to the really thick platform. However, I kinda change my mind now. They actually do look really good and can look really feminine. Though I can't afford luxury items like that, it was still pure fun drawing and painting them :)

Isn't she just preeeetty? :D Kinda wished I've got hair like hers.

Click on the image above so you can see greater details of Ruby!

This will be my last illo post before I leave for M'sia in just two days. So...till next time! God bless!

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