Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Monki + Weekday + Sale = Love

Made a last trip to Gothenburg about five days before I left Sweden, for good. Yes, I'm back in Melbourne alright, at a city where I experienced a temperature difference of at least 30-40 degrees C  overnight from Sweden. 

So anyway, during my last two weeks in Sweden, I've indulged myself in fashion blogs reading, many which are not tagged here on my blog, and that was how I stumbled upon Monki and Weekday.  As strange as it is, my friend, Kristin, actually did bring me to both shops when I first arrived at Stockholm. Maybe I was too caught up in exploring the city that I paid little attention to the items in store, apart from the obvious- H&M and Zara. With five days remaining in Sweden, I knew I had to check these shops out.

Weekday on Södra Larmgatan

Awesome nude coloured, asymmetrical sheer shirt I first saw on the other Weekday shop on Kungsgatan. On sale, it was reduced from about 300 or 400kr to 100kr = AUD15. 
I tried. I loved. I bought. Got another one in black. Why not, since shirts like these would have cost maybe about AUD70.

On sale Cheap Monday jeans on a huge table. All jeans about 60kr, which is AUD9. A pair of full priced CM jeans is AUD90. I was really, really excited!

Tried on this leather (perhaps a faux) jeans. Looked hideous. Not fitting at all.

Yup, CM jeans that have gone on sale for at least 2 weeks and still a variety of sizes in stock.

Contemplated about the weight of my luggage I had to lug home to Australia. Thought about how I already had enough jeans. Saw that none of the jeans really quite appealed to me. Finally thought about what my friend Glenda said once, "You don't actually save money in a sale, no matter how cheap the item is, as you still have an outflow of cash from your account". So true I thought, and I'd spent enough. So...I walked away. 

Yes, I walked away from 9bux Cheap Monday jeans. Ah, it was the right thing to do but still agonising a little over this decision. Still can't get over the price.

Exterior of the shop on Södra Larmgatan

Södra Larmgatan, Weekday on the left row and Monki on the right. Cool idea of the hanging jeans.

Monki rocks! Bought some really cool asymmetrical top and maroon, oversized boucle yarn. Both for about 60-100kr. Got a small black purse necklace here too. This is the shop to go to for affordable, cool and arty garments and accessories. 

The other Weekday shop on Kungsgatan in Gothenburg

Ugh, I've been trying to post this post up for at least 4-5 times but my Firefox kept crashing. 

I'm lazy to type now. And this post is missing a photo as the internet connection (as well) is crawling and freezing at the same time. 

So I may just leave this till next time!

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