Monday, 17 January 2011


Oh man I've left this blog unattended for super long! 

I was meant to upload many of the works and trips that I've done and taken. However didn't manage to squeeze in the time to. I've travelled quite a bit therefore much of my final assignments were only done after the travels, ie) 3 weeks before end of my study period. In another words, no time for blogging!

There should be quite a few posts that I could do regarding my travels and work, including my trip to Spain, Kiruna, my knitting project and my student directed project (digitally printed fabric). These would  s.l.o.w.l.y be updated here coz editing is a pain in the backside, even if editing was minimal.

The photos in this post were taken on 25th November 2010, when Sophie (French), Nina (German) and I took a train up to Uddevalla, a small town that one of our teachers is living in. 

Before going to her house, we drove to a small island off Uddevalla. Though it was only -10 degrees it felt like -18 deg coz it was by the sea. I've taken loads of photos there as well. But here are only those that were taken at Elisabeth's home. It's so cosy and cute. Loved everything about her little home and they actually renovated most of the interior themselves, including the bathroom!

 Pink Marimekko wall hanging for winter. She changes the cushions and the wallhanging to green one for spring!
Elisabeth with one of the books from her white, gridded shelves

Loooove the colours! Instantly brightening up any gloomy winter day

Cool stairs leading to the bedrooms, wasn't invited up of course

Cool old school stove that she leaves on when she's out so the house would be warmed up

Bulbous plant that you could find very commonly in winter 

Sophie! And typical Swedish food...cheese, ham, cucumber, peprika and bread/ crisp. Can you imagine having this everyday? Not me, thanks, though it wasn't bad. A guy in my student accommodation has this every single day, that's excluding the ham and peprika. Just bread, butter, cheese, cucumber, salt and pepper to taste. Omg.

Motherly :)
Super tasty soup!!!!! I had two servings yet wanted more :( And it's made out of...

...this!! Its texture is like potato...but I'm not sure what it's called.

Saffrony dessert with raspberries :)
Actually the photo looks yummier than it really was. The texture of the pudding was like...white carrot cake, for those Malaysians/ Singaporeans who know what I'm talking about, but with a hint of saffron and sugar. Not used to it but it looked so appealing. Anyway, shall not destroy the pic. So I'll say that it's still.....YUMMMM! Hahah.

Sophie (French) and Nina (German)

 Courtyard, with Elisabeth's car at the background

 Frozen apples still hanging on the tree

 Exterior of Elisabeth's house! Many of the Swedish houses are small and often square/ rectangular in plan

After the lunch, we went to Uddevalla's Art Museum. Didn't take many photos.  It wasn't that blog worthy.

Heading home on the regional SJ train. The kid at the background breathed really heavily, borderlined snoring. Quite distracting.

Anyway, still had a good trip, though it was super cold and I actually slipped and fell as I was walking to Elisabeth's house from her car :)!!

Hej då!!

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