Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fashion Illustration

Currently I've got a student directed project that allows me to do just about anything I want for the project, so long as it is fashion/ textile related, of course. 

I've always been fascinated with fashion illustrations. I love drawing girls with beautiful dresses. My best friend from high school used to think I might study fashion instead of architorture (which was SO not for me, hence I fired my bosses... JK!! Reno, Jenny and Tim are great people) coz of those drawings. Neither am I in fashion as well, btw, but in textile design :) Anyway, a decade or more after my first attempt in my extremely primitive sketches of girls with pretty dresses on, I'm now given an opportunity to fully control the direction of my project.

Here are really simple boards that I've come up with after diong some research. Illustrations are all by other super talented artists. Kelly Smith, Bec Winnel, Brittany Lee, Yulia Brodskaya and Catherine Campbell are amongst those whose works I've used to convey what the illustration style/ technique/ materials that I'd like to explore in this project. 

Laura Laine is exceptionally noteworthy. Her illustrations are simply amazing. I'd wish to develop my own style of illustration too and this project would defo be a great stepping stone towards that.

Hopefully they'll turn out as great as I imagined them to be. 

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