Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Geometric Ornament- Part 1

The semester that just ended had us onto our second project for CATD, using Illustrator for most of our work. Titled 'Geometric Ornament', I'm not exactly sure if I actually stuck to the guidelines and main criteria of the project- to create GEOMETRIC patterns. It was a time where we were all rushing, working towards our crazily short deadlines and I'd say 70-75% of this project was done within a period of approximately 3 days, max 4. Lots of work to be done, too little time coz:

1) Had to hand paint it, as you've probably seen in a previous post here
2) Scan it
3) Tidy bits up on Photoshop. Lots of magic wand, poly lasso tool and eraser using. Press Delete + Delete and Delete.
4) Import to Illustrator
5) Live Trace on Illustrator. Meaning to convert the image into anchor points. Huge, huge file
6) Create alternative to Live Trace, which is to hand render it, which I painstakingly clicked on every blinking anchor points of every blinking motif.

So below, is a wonderfully yet painfully compiled conversion boards I did for the project. 
1st column- Hand painted, scanned & neatened up
2nd column- Live tranced and colour changed
3rd column- Single handedly created every shape by clicking on evert anchor points. Despising yet rewarding...I'd like to think.

Conversion Board 1
Conversion Board 2
Conversion Board 3
Conversion Board 4

So here are the motifs used for the project. 

By the time I got to this stage I had to literally race against time to finish my assignment! Got by with little sleep, hence was totally losing the plot of this project already. More of the final, not every geometric looking outcome in the next post or so coz I've a haircut in an hour haha!

P/S: Motifs here are shared for viewing only. Absolutely no sneakiness (like using this on anyone else's work/ project) allowed. Cool? :)

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