Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Vintage Barbie Illustrations

Have just been so busy with assignments and all that. Kept wanting to post some of the research I've done for my uni projects but time just did not allow :(. Some of my findings have had pretty awesome sources. 

This project I'm working on is a project using Illustrator, pretty exciting! Our project is to create paper dolls! But first and foremost we had to research on a doll that we could base our illustration on and I knew I wanted to create a fashion paper doll. Barbie was the first doll that came in mind.

Above are some images I've compiled for my research from Devolange's flickr, linked from google. She's got a pretty amazing collection of vintage barbies. I absolutely love the illustration style of the dolls. The make up and outfits are a reflection of the fashion back in the 50's and 60's. Note the thick eyeliners and make-up. Love it!

Did you know that Barbie's predecessor was Bild Lilli? A German originated fashion doll around 1950's that was targeted at the male market. Instead of buying romantic gifts, flowers and chocolates, apparently some men would buy a Bild Lilli for their girlfriends instead. Some of the Bild Lilli outfits are pretty scandalous I'd say. Thank God the creator of Barbie bought the rights to Lilli and gave the new doll a more tasteful twist.

Some Lilli dolls from here. Her lips and legs, specially the heavier calves and smaller feet, remind me of Betty Boop.

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