Saturday, 13 March 2010


Had an excursion to the NGV this morning for a subject. We were looking into a couple of exhibitions and 'Drape' was particularly interesting. I love how the NGV constantly changes the items or subjects to keep people coming back. Previously there was an exhibition on the Jane Austen era costumes in the same space, under fashion and textiles section on the 1st floor.

So here are just a few photos of the new items from 'Drape' I took that I fancied.

Vivienne Westwood. Not surprised that she created this beautiful dress. Pretty cool elevation at the rear I say, probably could even hold a couple of drinks up.

Left: A day dress made in England c1883 using silk, cotton lace and metal buttons. It was mandatory in those days to have corsets but due to ill-health effects on the wearer, as proven by scientists, the custom of wearing one soon faded. 

Gruaur Evening Dress by Dior, 1949. I love 50s fashion. Pretty phenomenal and historical what Christian Dior did in reclaiming feminity in fashion against styles during the war.

L-R: Sorbet Pink Evening Dress by Jean Desses, 1954; Ball gown by Christian Dior, 1953

Giambattista Valli's creation for Kylie Minogue, 2003. Very grecian statue-esque and elegant.

 Kylie Minogue's outfit that she wore on 50 different occasions. Dolce & Gabbana I think. 

Another exhibition we went to was Chinoiserie (pronounced shin-noo-ah-se-ri). Many european pieces of homewares displayed had distinct oriental inspirations. Some motifs common to the East were copied with or without knowledge of the symbolisms that they reflect, apparently. They were just simply borrowed. I've taken just a few photos from here but I love the plates below. Imagine eating your sandwich or nasi lemak on them. Hah. 
Japanese porcelain dish from Edo period, 1720-40

Chinese plate from Qing dynasty, Qianlong period in 19th Century

Some European male clothing that was oriental inspired. Worn at home whilst welcoming guests. 

Okay if you'd like to see more just go NGV one day. Kinda tired of uploading photos for now. Chinoiserie will be on till this Sunday I think. 

Admission's free! :) 


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