Monday, 4 January 2010


Just stumbled accross Julien Bocabeille's blog and found that this awesome animation was co-directed by himself and produced along with his team mates as their 3rd year project in Character Animation in the Parisian visual arts school named Gobelins. It has claimed many awards and even nominated for the 2009 Academy Awards for the Best Animated Short film.

The film is basically about two octupuses that were in love and about their adventure saving each other from the grasp of the evil restaurant cook that was threatening to butcher the pink one into some yummy culinary. I just watched it and it was soooo cute!!

You too could watch it here!! I love everything about this film, even from the sketches and the digital paintings to the final product. My favourite part would have to be them jumping from pool to pool in attempt to outrun the persistent pursuit of the cook.

Most of the photos were taken from Oktapodi's official website.


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